TILT DOWN-FENCE: Successful Grand Finale event!

We would like to extend our thanks to everyone that made the Tilt-Down Fence an incredible success. On Saturday, we had a wonderful turnout at our grand finale event. It was a combination of efforts from many talented and dedicated people. We are grateful to our team of designers, volunteers, and generous donors that made the project possible.

Our final event had a beautiful, family-friendly atmosphere. We had community members come from all over Dorchester. We would like to give a special thank you to Alexandra from the All Dorchester Sports League (ADSL), Leslie MacWeeney from Living Art with Friends and her student volunteers, and Author Tzu-Yu Su for making the event a big success.

Last Saturday was a major milestone for BR-A-CE. We launched our featured publication for the Tilt-Down Fence project titled, “The Ladder Falls and Forms a Bridge.” The book is a collection of children’s poems. It was translated into Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese as a way to celebrate the immigrant experience and cultural diversity in Dorchester. The heartfelt poems were written by our trusted friend and author Tzu-Yu Su, and the beautiful illustrations were done by Gina Baek. The book is available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Ladder-Falls-Forms-Bridge/dp/1367246210/ref=sr_1_1?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1474484879&sr=8-1&keywords=the+ladder+falls+and+forms+a+bridge


Alexandra from the All Dorchester Sports League (ADSL) came with an assortment of sports equipment, board games, and children’s activities.  Alexandra recently graduated from Brown University with a degree in Public Health and is currently doing outreach and communications for ADSL. Her activities drew in children from the community and added a lot of energy to the event. We were happy to have participants of all ages.  ADSL is a local non-profit that is dedicated to providing the resources to live a healthy, active lifestyle to the youth of Dorchester. Alexandra chose the field because of her passion for fitness, health, and the issue of child obesity. She became involved in the All Dorchester Sports League through Americorps. According to her, Alexandra loves working for ADSL because of their strong sense of community and welcoming atmosphere. ADSL offers a range of free and affordable programs for youth including cooking classes, fitness, sports leagues, and homework help.The All Dorchester Sports League is an amazing place that offers a wide range of programs including healthy cooking classes, fitness and well-being courses, sports leagues, and homework help. All of their programs are either free or offered at very affordable prices.  For more information, have a look at their website: http://www.alldorchestersports.org/

We were also very happy to have Leslie MacWeeney and her student volunteers come by from the Dorchester Branch of the Boston Public Library. Leslie MacWeeney runs an incredible non-profit called Living Art. Last year, Living Art did a project that empowered young artists to do life-sized portraits of first responders on donated doors. They are currently fundraising to run the successful project again this year. Click on this link for more information and please consider donating to this amazing project: https://www.gofundme.com/2awsz64 Check out the moving stories and paintings from last year on the Living Art website: https://livingartboston.wordpress.com/

Stay tuned for future projects from BR-A-CE. We hope to hear your ideas and feedback.





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Flashback On The Third Tilt-Down Fence Event


We had a wonderful turnout at our third event at the Tilt-Down Fence on Saturday! We would like to give a huge thank you to Bobby and Cathy from Action for Boston Community Development’s (ABCD) Dorchester location for coming to inform the community about the free services avabilable to Dorchester residents. For more info check out their website:https://bostonabcd.org
Another highlight was the volunteers that showed up from Compassion Boston as giant puppets! Be sure to come to our grand finale this Saturday at 11AM.









Come join us for our final event at the Tilt-Down Fence this Saturday at 11AM! There will be a Giant Puppet show, children’s art activities, and children’s poetry reading by some of our dedicated community members. Please help us spread the word. We hope to see you there!



Tilt-Down Fence: Successful Second Event!

After a great turnout at the Tilt-Down Fence Opening, we were happy to see another pleasant crowd last Saturday, September 10th!

Miss Cindy from the Fields Corner Branch of the Boston Public Library came and told stories to a captivated audience of children from the community. Her storytelling was theatrical, engaging and incredibly enthusiastic. We were glad to have her. We also had Director Alejandra St. Guillen from the Mayor’s Office of Immigration Advancement and Ich Luong from the Vietnamese American Civic Association (VACA) join us. Alejandra hosted a Question & Answer session to Dorchester residents about the free services and support systems available to them. We would like to give a big thank you to Miss Cindy, Alejandra St. Guillen and Ich Luong for making the event a great success.









Check out the feature about on the Our RISD blog about professor and B+A+CE founder Hansy Better Barraza’s leadership in the project, as well as RISD textile artists Michelle Dunbar (RISD BFA Textiles 16’) and Isabelle Camarra’s (RISD BFA Textiles 17’) involvement: http://our.risd.edu/post/150320078184/public-art-sparks-timely-discussion

Dunbar and Camarra are the Textile Designer’s whose skills and creativity helped bring the Tilt-Down Fence to life. We would like to also extend our gratitude to the phenomenal efforts of the rest of our team. Our project manager, Iris Kim is a RISD architecture student who was instrumental in the planning and management of the project, alongside BR+A+CE Co-founder Anthony Piermarini.

In total, we had a team of over twelve RISD and Brown University students and recent alumni serve as production volunteers to help us bring the Tilt-Down fence to fruition. We would like to sincerely thank our volunteers: Lyza Baum (RISD Textiles ’16), Jenyea Tiffany Chan, (RISD MArch ’16), Dane Clark (RISD MArch ’15), Talia Connelly (RISD Textiles ’17), Ariana Lee (Brown ’15), Sandra Lopez (RISD Textiles ’17), Celeste Martinez (RISD MArch ’16), Mark Roh, (RISD Architecture BArch ’17), Siena Smith (RISD Textiles ’18),  Tzu-Yu Su, (RISD Architecture MArch ’16), Ivan Inhwan Tae, (RISD Architecture BArch ’17), Jennifer Vincent (Brown ’13), Cissy Yuan, (RISD Industrial Design ’17)



Please join us for our next event this Saturday September 17 from 11AM – 12PM at the Tilt-Down Fence! The Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) will be holding an info session. Please note that this week’s event starts at 11AM. Come learn about what’s happening in your community and bring your ideas. We hope to see you there!



D-1 Tilt-Down Fence Opening!

The Tilt-Down Fence Opening is tomorrow at 10AM! Come join us at 496 Geneva Ave, by the Fields Corner Station on the Geneva Avenue/Vinson Street intersection! The Tilt-Down fence is installed on the bus stop island greenway and we will serve free ice cream(donated from Chill on Park), have activities for young children(with Leslie MacWeeney from Living Art), giant puppet masks (from Puppeteer’s Cooperative) and be joined by the VACA and Thang Long!

We would like to give a special shout out to Chris Harding and the Dorchester Reporter for featuring us! Please find the article below:

And finally, A special shout out + thanks to Kamran Zahedi and Kara Brickman for their donations via Indieogo! We were able to finish our Indiegogo fundraiser with 49% of our goal raised at $3,265! Thank you to everyone who participated!

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Come Join Us at The Tilt-Down Fence at Fields Corner in Dorchester for our Opening Event on site!
Our events programming for the day include:
-Free Ice Cream from Chill on Park
-Vietnamese American Civic Association (VACA) Information Session with Q+A Resources
-Community Potluck with the Vietnamese Network at Thang Long and Vietnamese Community
-Giant Puppets from the Puppeteer’s Cooperative with Leslie MacWeeney from Living Art (11 AM)

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