This is unbelievable!  The past 24 hours have been our most successful since going live with our online fundraising.  I couldn’t be more pleased to announce that this morning, we are at $1,425! For those of you with no desire to whip out your pocket calculator, that’s almost 20% of our total goal, and no small feat in just a few days.  If we can keep this momentum, there’s no doubt we’ll be able to reach our fundraising goal.

We’ve also just received an anonymous pledge to support the project with an incredible $900 donation.  Thank you for your generous support of this awesome project — you know who you are!

That said, we want to remind everyone that every donation counts! Big or small, your contribution matters, and BR+A+CE is grateful to all our supporters.

But wait — there’s more!  We are amazingly fortunate to be joined by the Boston Society of Architects and Cafco Construction, both of whom have generously joined our project as sponsors! Our sincerest thank yous to the progressive individuals at the BSA and Cafco for supporting an awesome and much-needed project.

The Boston Society of Architects is committed to professional development for its members, advocacy on behalf of great design, and sharing an appreciation for the built environment with the public at large. Established in 1867, the BSA today consists of more than 3,500 members and produces a diverse array of programs and publications, including ABX and ArchitectureBoston. As a chapter of the American Institute of Architects, the BSA is a nonprofit, professional-service organization.

Cafco Construction is a Boston-based construction management and general contracting firm serving clients throughout the Greater Boston area and beyond. Cafco specialize in restaurant, hotel, entertainment, retail and academic development, assisting clients from concept to opening day. Cafco has been called Boston’s “Premier Builder,” “a power player in Boston’s night life,” and was named the 2007 Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year.  They have built a solid reputation in the construction industry for having a unique customer-driven approach to projects, with a value system based on integrity, urgency, passion and expertise.

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