The volunteer team for the Tilt-Down Fence project is comprised of designers, students, and educators brought together by BR+A+CE with the common goal of  turning an underused green space into an active public art space for residents that serves the community at large, the Viet-AID preschoolers, parents and the elderly population. BR+A+CE is currently consulting with the city to bring resources and services to advance and support the city’s immigrant residents and your support will create new conversations about immigration communities, cultural exchange, and their contributions.

BR+A+CE is grateful to all the individuals who have donated their time and expertise to help us realize the Tilt-Down Fence. As an entirely volunteer-run organization, BR+A+CE depends on the contributions of design and engineering professionals, students, and community-minded individuals who donate their time to help realize our work. Below you will find a list of all the people who volunteered their time to help us realize the Tilt-Down Fence


The Tilt-Down Fence brought to you by BR+A+CE in collaboration with Viet-AID (2016)


BR+A+CE co-founders Anthony Piemarini and Hansy Better Barraza

Project Team:

  • Iris Kim (RISD, 2017)
  • Connie Wang (RISD, 2016)
  • Petre Jariyanandhanetr (RISD, 2016)

Textile Coordinators

  • Michelle Dunbar
  • Isabelle Camarra


  • Siena Smith
  • Lyza Baum
  • Cissy Yuan
  • Ariana Lee
  • Sandra Lopez
  • Jennifer Vincent
  • Jenyea Tiffany Chang
  • Tzu-Yu Su
  • Ivan Inhwan Tae
  • Talia Connelly
  • Mark Roh
  • Dane Clark
  • Celeste Martinez
  • Aislin Mac Donald
  • Adelaide Mackintosh



We would like to thank the generous support of our numerous sponsors and donors. We would like to especially thank The Awesome Foundation, The Boston Society of Architects, The Boston Foundation, Viet-AID, and Structures Workshop for their generous support and Chill on Park for their donated supply of ice cream on opening day.

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Donors ($5,000 up to $7,500)

  • The Boston Foundation (Vision Fund Grant)

Donors ($1,000 up to $5,000)

  • Boston Society of Architects
  • The Awesome Foundation
  • The Opportunity Fund (Boston Creates)

Donors ($500 to $999)

  • Viet-AID
  • Structures Workshop
  • Misha’al Al-Omar & Sophie Sullivan Al-Omar

For a complete list of individuals who volunteered their time to these projects, please visit the Donation page.

If you would like to donate your time or expertise to our upcoming 2015 project, please contact us! Send a brief email with your name and information to info@br-a-ce.org.

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