We met with Michelle and Isabelle today to go over weaving prototypes, colors, and bamboo connections so that we may now go into final installation production!! We had various different tests using Rexlace, rope, weed racker cord, and various other types of vinyl-cord. We started testing connections between bamboo parts to configure how the ladder will come together and have officially reached 22% of our Indiegogo fundraising goal!

8.8.16 Weaving Tests (2)

Anthony (co-founder of BR+A+CE), Michelle, and Isabelle with some amazing weaving prototypes!

8.8.16 Weaving Tests

Weaving Trials and Prototypes before we decide on final woven designs and start ordering material for the REAL, final Tilt-Down Fence benches/tables!

bamboo tests

Testing out some bamboo ladder connections!

8.8.16 indiegogo update

We would like to thank all of our supporters and donors for participating through our indiegogo fundraiser: We have now raised 22% of our goal of $6,660! Please look at our donations page for the full list of supporters.

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