The Big Hammock At Adams Park

The Big Hammock is making a special reappearance at Adams Park in Roslindale starting August 1st !

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Stop by Adams Park on Saturday August 1st for the Roslindale Farmers’ Market event! BR+A+CE is ecstatic to bring The Big Hammock back after FIVE LONG YEARS. None of this could have been possible without the generous donations and supporters backing up the project of the original Big Hammock back in 2010. We will be selling Big Hammock merchandise @ Adams Park ┬áto help fundraise for this project and the NEXT project- our Tilt-Down Fence! So be sure to stop by and check out our cool new designs, or click our merchandise and donation links to the right to be a contributor. (:

*Roslindale Village Main Street will be celebrating their 30th Anniversary on August 8th, with the guest appearance of Mayor Marty Walsh. Stay tuned for more events!

The Big Hammock 2015 is brought to you by…

BR+A+CE co-founders Anthony Piemarini and Hansy Better Barraza, along with these students:

Ellen Woodsbie (RISD, 2016)
Connie Wang (RISD, 2016)
Hanhan Luo (RISD, 2015)
Shiqing Liu (Harvard, 2016)

BR+A+CE is incredibly grateful to all the individuals who have donated to bring back The Big Hammock, we are currently still in the process of fundraising for this project, so be sure to check out our donations page to see how you can help, and the merchandise we will be selling!



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