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We would like to thank all our benefactors, team members and volunteers for making the Tilt-Down Fence such a successful project. Below, you will see our official list of donors, volunteers, sponsors, board of officers, project team, and textile designers. We would like to especially thank John Horner, who is a photographer who donated his time to take stunning final installation photos of the Tilt-Down Fence. See his work below. Check out more of Horner’s official website here:

We were happy to donate our materials from the Tilt-Down Fence for other uses. The sand was donated to fill the sandboxes at the Boston Teachers Union School the metal and bamboo were donated to the Tufts School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

The Tilt-Down Fence project was featured by several local news outlets. We were happy to see so much discussion around the project:

The Boston Herald:

The Dorchester Reporter:

Our RISD, an official blog for the Rhode Island School of Design:

Sampan, a local Newspaper:

Universal Hub:


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