2016 The Tilt-Down Fence in Fields Corner, Dorchester

The 2016 Tilt-Down Fence needs some extra love and care. We have made and are making purchases in materials and supplies, such as fabricated metal supports, bamboo poles, thread for weaving benches and tables (exciting!), and other supplies to make the installation of the project happen! Our organization relies on people like yourselves, and the capability of crowd fundraising for the installation of our projects. 

Donate to BR+A+CE directly here on our website, or donate on Indiegogo!        


We would like to thank the generous support of our numerous sponsors and donors. We would like to especially thank The Awesome Foundation, The Boston Society of Architects, The Boston Foundation, Viet-AID, and Structures Workshop for their generous support. We would also like to thank Chill on Park for their donated supply of ice cream on opening day.

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Donors ($5,000 up to $7,500)

  • The Boston Foundation (Vision Fund Grant)2

Donors ($1,000 up to $5,000)

  • Boston Society of Architects
  • The Awesome Foundation
  • The Opportunity Fund (Boston Creates)
  • Kamran Zahedi
  • Lyn Hsu and Paul Sherman

Donors ($500 to $999)

  • Viet-AID
  • Structures Workshop
  • Misha’al Al-Omar & Sophie Sullivan Al-Omar

Donors ($5 to $499)

  • Kara Brickman
  • John DiSalvo
  • Hanhan Luo
  • Jeff Asanza
  • Kristen Giannattasio
  • Eric Shaw
  • C2 Studio Landscape Architects
  • Laura Kiernan
  • John Cooke
  • Vicki Wise
  • Shane Zhou
  • Elizabeth D. Mclean
  • Trevor knebel
  • Luz Karim Better
  • Gretchen Schneider
  • Miriam Matos
  • Gretchen Rabinkin
  • Carl Lostritto
  • Shiquing Liu
  • Andrew Wise
  • Antonia Better-Wirz
  • Connie Wang
  • Iris Kim
  • Jean Han
  • Griscel Diaz
  • Joanne Hwang
  • Sarp Arditi
  • Linda Druker

About us

Brace is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Brace was founded by artists and designers to create new community spaces that engage social, economic, and cultural issues facing communities around the world.

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