August 9th, 2016

BR+A+CE has exciting news, we are scheduling events for the Tilt-Down Fence! We talked to Sara Peattie of The Puppeteers Cooperative¬†¬†who offered to lend us some giant puppets!! Check out their amazing costumes! They vary from simple animal puppets to exciting giant puppets! We are now in need of some volunteers- actresses, actors, puppeteers who would be willing and interested or know someone who would be interested in putting together an event for one of the weekends our installation will be up! We are hoping to schedule special events on every Saturday morning of September. We are open to negotiations for scheduling and would love to get volunteers to be a part of Dorchester’s exciting new event series!

8.9.16 puppeteers coop


BR+A+CE is also looking for a local Dorchester business for a sponsorship of $500. We would make sure to give credit for their donation on our website, flyer, and facebook! Check out our tentative schedule of events on our flyer- the events are still in process of being confirmed and planned. Donors of $500 or more will be noted on our flyer as follows:

Tilt-Down Fence Flyer- events (no city of boston)

Please don’t forget to check out our indiegogo fundraiser if you haven’t already so! We are officially in final production mode and can use all the help we can get for donations, and sponsorships!


We would like to thank our Trevor Knebel for donating yesterday via Indiegogo! Any amount counts!

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