Free Ice Cream on Sept 3rd!

Tilt-Down Fence has found its first supplier donation! And it’s…. ICE CREAM! Chill On Park, a local Dorchester ice cream and coffee shop has agreed to donate enough ice cream for 120 people at the opening on Sept 3rd! We are very thankful for this amazing donation, and wanted to give a special shout out to Chill On Park and especially, the owner Wendy!

Chill on the Park is more than just your normal local ice cream store, they have an amazing cause to give back and engage with the community!  Though a young business, they have participated in some amazing events and  they select local organizations, nonprofit groups, and events to promote and support. Most of their donations concentrate for children and education, and we were lucky enough to convince them to join us at Tilt-Down Fence this year! So make sure you come by on Sept 3rd to Chill on the Park with BR+A+CE and Field Corner’s very own Chill on Park!

Check out their menu, location, and more about the amazing things they do at Chill on Park! 



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