August 25, 2016

Yesterday was our MAJOR Production Day- We finished 12/15 Bamboo Ladders, altogether learned how to weave/ add in the warps for the benches, and started tackling the AMAZING tables! We had a total of 10 amazing volunteers help out yesterday for a full-on production day! We would like to thank¬†all our volunteers from yesterday: Ivan Inhwan Tae (RISD Architecture,class of ’17), Tzu-Yu Su (RISD M arch, class of ’16). Ariana Lee (Brown University alumni class of ’15), Jennifer Vincent (Brown University alumni class of ’13), Jenyea Tiffany Chang (RISD M arch, class of ’16), Cissy Yuan (RISD Industrial Design, class of ’17), Sandra Lopez (RISD Textiles, class of ’17), textile coordinator Isabelle Camarra (RISD Textiles, class of ’17), textile lead coordinator Michelle Dunbar (RISD alumni Textiles, class of ’16), and project manager Iris Kim (RISD Architecture, class of ’17).

We will be having our LAST Production meeting tomorrow, and deliver the parts for installation on site this coming Sunday! We are now entering the installation phase of the project, and approaching our Sept 3rd. opening day!

Take a Sneak Peak at our bright and fun tables and benches!

8.24 meeting (2) 8.24 meeting (3) 8.24 meeting (4) 8.24 meeting (5) 8.24 meeting (6) 8.24 meeting (7) 8.24 meeting (8) 8.24 meeting

Coming soon to the Tilt-Down Fence, are some amazing programs and events made possible by local organizations and businesses! Mark your calendars and stay tuned for updates! 

Tilt-Down Fence Flyer- events advised

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