Aug 21, 2016


We would like to give a shout out to all of our AMAZING volunteers! We are entering the last week of production of our tables, benches, and ladders! This past Friday, we met for a full work day of production with our amazing volunteers. We were able to mock-up a prototype of one set of picnic table+benches, finish a couple of ladders, and check off a few components from our weaving list! So thanks again to our volunteers:  Ariana Lee (Brown University alumni class of ’15), Cissy Yuan (RISD Industrial Design, class of ’17), Lyza Baum (RISD alumni Textiles, class of ’16), Sandra Lopez (RISD Textiles, class of ’17), Siena Smith (RISD Textiles, class of ’18), textile coordinator Isabelle Camarra (RISD Textiles, class of ’17)and the textile lead coordinator Michelle Dunbar (RISD alumni Textiles, class of ’16)

We have also heard some GREAT news from VACA (Vietnamese American Civic Association) and the Immigration Advancement office! Both organizations will be hosting one or more programs at the Tilt-Down Fence during its month of installation! We will upload a flyer of programmed events soon!

Finally, our volunteer crew will meet this upcoming Wednesday again for a full on work day, so please stay tuned for another amazing production update! Again, if there are any potential volunteers out there interested in lending a hand this week/next week for production+installation, please contact Iris Kim (Tilt-Down Fence project coordinator) at  ik@br-a-ce.org.

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back row: Anthony Piermarini (co-founder BR+A+CE), Siena Smith (RISD Textiles ’16) front row: Cissy Yuan (RISD Industrial Design ’16), Hansy Better (co-founder BR+A+CE), Sandra Lopez (RISD Textiles ’16), Iris Kim (project coordinator, RISD Architecture ’16), Ariana Lee (Brown University alumni ’15), Isabelle Camarra (RISD Textiles ’16)

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