Bye, Bye Roslindale. The Big Hammock will miss you!

IMG_1788 Our indiegogo fundraising is over. We want to thank Eugene Colberg,
Sumi Fasolo, Sanaa Abdul-Basheer for contributing to our campaign. With various contribution sources and volunteers, we were able to break even on our expenses to bring the Hammock to Roslindale. Thank you so much for being a supporter of BRACE art’s projects. p.s……It’s not too late to be a supporter!You can still support us through the “Donate Now” button on our website:

This Saturday will be our last day hanging out at Adam’s Park. If you haven’t been to The Big Hammock in Rozzie, make sure you stop by between 9am-1:30pm. We will be de-installing The Big Hammock at 1:30pm. All volunteers who lend us a hand for at least an hour, removing and transporting the parts will get a FREE Big Hammock t-shirt until we run out:) Kids can also volunteer! Lastly I want to thank all the BRACE volunteers, Connie Wang for leading the Tilt-up Fence this summer, Ellen, Dane, Lisa, Hanhan and Shiqing -WE THANK YOU!!

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